Adarga Castings is a small range of North Koreans sculpted by the very talented Mark Evans. At the moment it is just three figures. The cap and padded jacket of the first figure are typical of this army. I intend to add to the range as I can but the biggest boost to this range will be a Kickstarter project to try to get the full range done.

Wargamers are always looking for new things to get excited about. It can  be a new period, an unusual  form of terrain or a new rule set. I am no different and I often find that when I do discover something I am frustrated when I can’t get the rules or the figures. My discovery of the fascinating conflict known as the Korean War was an instance when I discovered something which is hiding in plain sight and which very few other gamers seem to be too bothered about.  It was a post World War Two conflict involving all of the weaponry of ww2, all of the complicated political ramifications of a UN force and all the unusual challenges posed by fighting far away from home. Yet, only some manufacturers pay it any heed and in most cases it has been known as the forgotten war. After quite a bit of reading and evaluation I realised the war itself has seldom been give the interest it deserves, especially by wargamers.

Consider this, the UN force was polyglot group of countries which came together to fight a perceived communist threat. American marines rub shoulders with British Royal Marines. The Belgians, Turkish, Ethiopians and even a contingent of the Columbian Presidential guard saw action. It was the first war in which helicopters were used widely and it included amphibious landings, mountain warfare and urban conflict in the main cities. The communist forces  consisted mainly of the North Korean people’s army and the Chinese people’s volunteer army, and were mainly infantry forces but used WWII soviet doctrine and tactics.


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