Casting problems

Apologies to anyone who was after some figures but I have encountered problems with casting. I am looking at a new technique and as soon as I have resolved the problem I shall be trading again. Until then I won’t be accepting orders.



My KPA stuff

Here’s a pic of my stuff all together. The tanks are 1st Corps and the vehicles Tamiya, Die Waffenkammer and a diecast Katyuska that I couldn’t resist


.image image


image image

This the range of communist troops for the Korean War produced by Adarga Castings. The upper image shows the figures unpainted. The two on the left are a Chinese infantryman and NCO. The infantryman is armed with the Japanese Arisaka rifle of which many were left after WW2. The NCO has a Thompson machine gun. The Koreans are all in the distinctive cap of the KPA and are all armed with PPsH except the NCO who has a loaned Thompson.

In the painted image the Chinese are on the right. Ordering details are on the ordering section of the site, but basically send an order to me and pay by PayPal.  I hope you like them.

Comrade Chen

Size comparison

I noticed on another blog the other day that people were interested in the comparative size of figures. Understandably, we all want to make our figures look like they come from same universe. So I have taken a pic of Adarga Castings figures and put them next to my Artizan Designs Americans so you can get the idea.  Any figures of Artizan size should fit pretty well With Adarga Castings.





I have often wondered what the North Koreans used for their reconnaissance and I recently came across the photo added here below. There is also a propaganda film from which this photo is probably taken.


The film shows ranks and ranks of motorcycle combinations and BA64 armoured cars all crossing a river. They are all heavily camouflaged and followed by the odd T34/85. I think the motorbikes are probably the Russian Ural copy of the BMW but could be Chinese copies. I decided it would be fun to make one, so I bought a Warlord Games model and converted it. The result is below and is situated next to my Tamiya 1/48 BA64.


NCO almost finished

Mark has nearly finished my NCO brandishing a Thompson machine gun. The Chinese had large stocks of these and it is likely they found their way to their allies. They were prized by the Americans and I have read they reused them wherever possible. Can’t wait to see the finished item!

Comrade Chen